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Mogul CEO

A Business Simulation Game

Mogul is a computer-based model that simulates a small manufacturing company that produces two products: Product 1 and Product 2.
The manufacturing process consists of forming plastic raw materials (sheets of plastic) into the finished consumer products. The products are sold through retail markets to the general public. The two products are not substitutes for one another, nor are they complementary. This means that the sales of one product does not affect the sales of the other product. You will also have to decide whether to make the products yourself or to subcontract the manufacture of them to another company.
Mogul is classified as an entry to medium business simulation game, and targeted at principle-level business courses. Through the simulation participants learn the basic interactions between the various functional areas of business without being overwhelmed by a mountain of detail.
Mogul helps participants early in their careers to get firsthand experience running their own simulated business in a safe environment. They develop the skills they need to successfully work in teams.

Our Simulations Include:

Nile Academy uses a group of business simulation games intended for teaching undergraduate, graduate, and corporate learners effective business skills.

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