Decoding Potential

Activity-Based Assessment

The program aims to support top managers on assessing their subordinates or team members in an indirect way, minimizing fear and subjectivity associated with assessment centers. Accordingly, further focused conclusions will manifest about each member’s behavioral aspects and competencies enabling him/her to perform effectively.

The program structure is based on a predetermined behavioral/competency matrix, where designated assessors will facilitate a three-day training program utilizing a diversity of activities and experiential games that aim to engage, assess and interpret participants’ abilities and asserted behavior as they perform them.

Each participant will be assessed by three designated assessors to ensure accuracy & a wealth of feedback about every portion conducted within the three-day program.

Eventually, a consolidated detailed report will be submitted to the management team containing weighted scores about each participant, the reasoning behind each score and a recommendation from our professional consultants.

By the end of this program, the management team will be able to:

  • Assess the behavioral aspects affecting the job role of each participant;

  • Analyze participants’ performance against activities presented;

  • List participants’ overall behavioral interactions;

  • Define participants’ areas of strength and weaknesses;

  • Construct a solid scored database about participants to aid in overall organizational performance.