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Personal Branding

We were born unique and our greatest mistake is to accept being like others, finding your unique value that makes you stand out from the crowd is what we call personal branding. Some people might be clear about the value they offer but they often have difficulty to show their work and earn what they deserve for their services. They are focused on delivering outstanding results that they miss out on how to brand themselves to expand their practice and to make their success visible. Personal Branding is the engine that powers your practice and enables you to stand out. This session will take you through a journey turning your anticipated normal life to an outstanding valuable story that will satisfy you first and compels everyone around you. Your brand is your living legacy.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Uncover your true potentials and find your uniqueness;

  • Know what is a brand for companies and why is it important;

  • Understand the definition and importance of personal branding;

  • Implement the proven three-step personal branding process that will rocket your practice to the next level according to William Arruda “The PB Guru”;

  • Evaluate how personal branding will help you in your professional and personal life;

  • Identify your VPs;

  • Align who you are with what you want and how to do it;

  • Detect personal branding mistakes you should avoid;

  • Increase your visibility using social media;

  • Make LinkedIn your best marketing tool.

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