Ideal for organizations new to the 360-degree assessment process, Skillscope® provides straightforward and practical feedback on job-related skills. Easy to complete and simple to interpret, Skillscope can be used with supervisors and managers as well as individual contributors. When paired with CCL Compass™ — a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life — feedback from a 98-item checklist is instantly transformed into clear and relevant action plans that build on strengths while addressing development needs.


  • Assesses job-related strengths and weaknesses

  • Starts the process of feedback-based individual development

Special Features:

  • Designed to capture managers’ work as it really is

  • Provides ratings for importance, strengths, and development needed

  • Available in 11 languages

  • Measures 15 job-related skills

  • Includes a written comments section

  • Group profiles available

  • Short — takes 20–30 minutes to complete

  • Option for reports with or without feedback broken out by rater group

  • Highly visual feedback reports