The Catalyst Program

A Catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
A Catalyst is how we see any Trainer, a person who increases the society without him/herself changing. A catalyst trainer is a person who has a stronghold of knowledge & skills that aids everyone in need of it.
The Catalyst program accordingly is a Training of Trainers program. A program full of studying & hard work, yet we aim for catalysts in the end.
The Catalyst is a program for any person targeting the training & development industry or the learning industry aiming to be a Trainer.
The program uses the gamification methodology, along with many other methodologies to make the program fun and enjoyable with every step moving forward.


After almost 10 years of experiencing & conducting training programs, plus a 4 years successful proven record of conducting Train The Trainer programs, The Catalyst program came into place presenting a profoundly unique concept.

All of those are core methodologies in the implementation of the program and an insurance of practicality & entertainment. As the learning experience shouldn’t be dull or stagnant, but rather enjoyable, interesting and unpredictable. Noted that all of these concept will be also explained within the program along with various knowledge endeavors.

The program will use specific methodologies within:

1. Gamification
2. Blended Learning
3. Project-based learning
4. Game-based learning 
5. Flipped classroom